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Bruno's Polka Jukebox

Below are some sound clips of Bruno's recordings. Please feel free to download and enjoy. To purchase any of the recordings vist our Music Store Now or click the Buy Music link to the left. Thank you!


A Jukebox in My Mind

1) A Jukebox In My Mind
2) One Big Broken Heart
3) Two Pretty Girls Oberek
4) I Love My Doll
5) The Hillside Hop
6) What Should I Do? Polka/Waltz
7) Other Side of The River
8) Thanks Mom Waltz
9) If Dreams Became Reality
10) At The Bar
11) Stand Beside Me
12) A Golden Medley
13) Hey! Thanks For The Jukebox



Various Sound Clips From Other Recordings

Let's Have a Polka Party - A Compilation CD - BUY NOW

Hey Pretty Girl Polka - Bruno Mikos & The Harmony Stars
Green Grass Polka - The Troubadours
Down & Out Polka - J & The Brasstones

Back To My Beginning - A compilation CD - - BUY NOW

Helena Polka
Red Rose Polka
Early Morning Polka
Leaving For The Front Polka
Life In Chicago Polka
Lancers Came Polka
In Krakow Oberek
Oh Yeah Polka

Back On The Bandstand - BUY NOW

All The Girls Polka
Lost My Girl Polka
Happy Lover Polka
She's Not You Polka
Frisky Puppy Oberek

People Pleasin' Polkas - BUY NOW

Moonlight Polka
Go To Go Polka
When I Was Single Oberek
Walking With Marry Polka

Third Time Around - BUY NOW

Can't Get Married Polka
Should Have Stayed Single Oberek
Pinup Polka
Green Grove Waltz
Green Maple Polka



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